Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Rag Rug Craft-Along: Resources

Today I've gathered some of my favorite resources for making a rag rug.  These are places I found when I was learning how to make my own rugs and a couple of sources for purchasing needles, patterns and even finished rugs.  Do you have any to add? Let me know and I will put them on the list!

Rag Rug Cafe: This is one of the places that helped me finally figure out how to do the stitch for the rag rug.  You can find lots of great tutorials and tips here.

Aunt Philly's: Tearing and Joining Fabric- This is a quick little video that shows the basics of tearing and joining the fabric.

Aunt Philly's: Basics of making the rug & tips to help you.

Pattern and Wooden Toothbrush Needle: has easy step-by-step written instructions and color picture illustrations for making your own oval toothbrush rug.  The needle is also included.  The pictures are clear and easy to follow.    There are also round rug patterns, needles and starters available here.

Finished rugs, patterns & needles: Pattern kit includes instructions (with lots of photos), a started piece, some prepared fabric - both core and working fabric and most of all - your very own handmade Nalbinde needle.You can also see some of her other beautiful projects on her website at

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Rag Rug Craft-Along Begins {Giveaway!}

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* I want to apologize to you guys, this was supposed to be posted yesterday but I have had some technical difficulties with the last video and was waiting to add it.  But this giveaway is just too exciting.  So I'm posting this without the video and will add it as soon as possible!

I'm so excited to get started on this with you guys!  Rag rugs make such a pretty addition to your home and also make a lovely gift.  And each one is as unique as the person making it.  I can't wait to see what colors everyone chose and how the rugs will turn out! 
I have made some video tutorials on how to make the rug in case you don't know how. If you do know how you can skip those and just get started with us! 
You can post pictures, ask questions, or just join the conversation at the The Chicken Wire: Craft Along Group Page.  Also, feel free to share here in the comments.  I will be checking in to see how everyone is doing and sharing the progress of my rug as well.  My goal is to finish mine in two weeks.  But I know some of you will be faster and some will need more time.  There's no time limit, we are just here to support each other and enjoy working on our project!

 I am also thrilled to offer two awesome giveaways to my readers!  Thanks to crafters, Mona at Rugs in the Woods and Sally, I am able to offer you two chances to win a handcrafted toothbrush rug needle!  I use a homemade plastic needle but I drool over the gorgeous wooden needles these gals make. 
I will also be offering a toothbrush rug trivet as part of each giveaway.

So go ahead and enter the giveaways, make sure you have all of your supplies and lets get started!

Giveaway #1

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway #2

a Rafflecopter giveaway

My Joy-Filled Life

Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Simple Bible Plan

I wanted to tell you about my daily Bible reading.  If you are looking for a way to keep it simple yet still find a way to really delve into what your reading , this might work for you.  I combine two ideas because I need to fill two needs.  Firstly, I want to really absorb certain information.  And secondly, my goal is to read through the whole Bible.  Not in an attempt to understand everything but just as an effort to get it into my head.  To gain a general understanding of where things are, what each book is about and who was writing about what.

Simple Bible Plan

-Bible: I prefer a KJV study bible.  Regardless
of the version,I find the study notes to be very
-Dictionary- I guess this is optional, but I find
I understand the meaning better if I look up key
words.  Even if I think I know what the word
means, I still tend to find some insight.

So, I have tried following along with online studies or reading through a book or following a schedule.  But I have found that what works best for me is to simply choose a book in the Bible to read through and S.O.A.P. 1-2 verses a day.  If you are unfamiliar with S.O.A.P., it stands for:
S- Scripture
O- Observation
A- Application
P- Prayer
I normally only go over 1-2 verses a day with this.  I write out the Scripture.  I look up any unfamiliar or key words and read the notes in my Bible and make a note of some Observations.  Then I consider and write out how this can Apply to my life.  Finally, I end my time with Prayer.
One other thing I've added to S.O.A.P. is making a note of the attributes of God and Jesus that I've observed in the reading.  I know that we are supposed to take God's word and use it in our lives, but sometimes I feel like I personalize the Bible so much that I take the focus off of God and put it too much on me.  So I like to make sure I am making my reading about learning WHO God is.  Not just what I want him to DO for me.
The second part of my reading consists of following a Chronological reading plan.  Mine is meant to be finished in a year, but I pay no attention to the dates and just read what is lined out to be finished in a day.  I want to get through it in a reasonable amount of time, but if I miss a day here and there I don't want to scrap the whole thing or feel like I need to catch up.  So I just focus on making progress, not keeping up.

Do you have a plan you follow?  What works well for you?

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Disney Light Up Costume & Great Deal for Farm & Garden

Disney Princess Cinderella Light Up Deluxe Costume - $22.87 (Reg. $51.99)

Get the Disney Princess Cinderella Light Up Deluxe Costume for just $22.87 (reg. $51.99) from Amazon.  This deal is good today only, Wednesday, October 15, 2014, while supplies last.

  • 100% polyester
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  • 11.5" wide
  • Light Up Dress
  • Batteries Included
  • Child Sizes: 3T-8
  • Official Disney Princess Licensed Costume 

Rubbermaid 5F21 Deck Box with Seat


Get the Rubbermaid 5F21 Deck Box with Seat for just $63 (reg. $112) from Amazon.  This deal is good today only, Wednesday, October 15, 2014, while supplies last.
  • Deck storage box with hinged lid and seat
  • Hinged lid for easy accessibility
  • Hasps for locking lid (lock not included)
  • Maintenance-free and crack-resistant in cold temperatures
  • Assembled exterior dimensions: 25 by 26.2 by 42.5 inches (height by width by depth) interior dimensions: 39 by 20 by 20 inches

See the rest of today's deals!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Rag -Rug Craft Along: Supplies & Tearing the Sheets into Strips

Hello fellow crafters!  Saturday we are going to get started with our Craft-Along.  You can join us on Facebook or check back here to follow along.
Today I am going to go over the supplies you need.  If you prefer a written version, that's available here too!

So first, let's go over what you need.


-2 Sheets
-Sewing Scissors
-Large Safety Pin
-Ruler or Yardstick (optional)
-A good podcast or something
to listen to while you roll up the
strips. ;)




We are going to be using old sheets to make the rag rugs.  I have been able to find them for free or cheap at garage sales and thrift stores.  I also have a couple from our linen closet that are too worn or torn so they are part of my collection as well.

1. Choose two sheets that you want to make your rug with.
The size doesn't matter, unless maybe it's a crib sheet. And it can be flat or fitted. When I choose the sheets for my rugs, I like to choose a dark and a light color that complements each other.  For the red & white rug, you can see that I have hints of red/pink in the white that helps pull it all together.

  2. Remove any elastic or hems on the sheet.
 You either need to cut them off or take out the stitches.  I normally just cut them off but if you want to try to save every bit, you can tear out the stitches.

3. Cut notches along the edge of the sheet.
Find the shortest side of your sheet to cut notches into. You are going to tear along the long side of the sheet.  It frays less and gives you longer strips of fabric to work with.
So, thankfully we don't have to try to cut a whole bunch of straight lines.  We will just be cutting notches every 1-1 1/2 inches along the edge of the sheet and then tearing them. 
You can break out the ruler or yardstick here and make a snip 1-1 1/2 inches here or just wing it and estimate the whole way.

4. Tear the strips.
Once you have all of the notches cut, take about 5 strips and distribute them by taking every other strip into each hand. (Watch the video if that doesn't make sense!) Then you just pull the strips, moving your hands down the row, until you get to the end.

5. Cut slits in the ends of each strip.
Take one strip of fabric and gather both ends in your hand.  Fold over approximately 1 inch of fabric and cut a 1/2 inch slit into the fold.  This will allow you to join the fabric strips.

6. Roll the strips into balls.
The first time I made a rug, I just put the strips into bags and would pull them out.  I ended up with a huge tangled mess.  Now I roll them into balls before I start. This is a little time consuming, but it makes the actual making of the rug go much more smoothly.  So take the strips and roll them up like a ball of yarn, making sure they are mostly laying flat as they are rolled up.

You are ready to make a rug!
There you have it.  Now you should have your supplies gathered and your sheet strips ready to go.

If you want to buy a toothbrush rug needle, they are available on Amazon and I also put together a giveaway for you guys to win a gorgeous wooden rug needle! {Affiliate Link}